At Guba Publishing ...

We believe the best way to learn something is making it fun. We specialise in children's content that is diverse, well designed and optimistic.


Join us through our children's bilingual podcast, blog & YouTube channel and welcome a world of different perspectives.

About Us

Guba Publishing is a small new independent publishing house specialising in children's content. It was founded in 2017 by Raya Rahman and Inshra Sakhawat Russell who are based in  Oakland, CA and London, UK.

We aim to share diverse stories to globally conscious citizens. Our products are designed to promote easy learning through board books, flashcards and posters


We really want you to be part of our journey as we grow. Join the Guba community through our blog, youtube channel and children’s podcast and be entertained while learning a thing or two as you go!

- Raya Rahman, Founder | CEO -

After a decade of working in the corporate world on adult sounding topics such as "bids", "proposals" and "corporate governance", Raya Rahman is now happily fulfilling her passion of running a book publishing house for non-adults. She lives in Oakland, California with her husband and their two spirited daughters, who were her two main inspirations for starting Guba Publishing,

- Inshra Sakhawat Russell, Co-Founder | Creative Director -

Inshra Sakhawat Russell is a filmmaker, photographer, writer and illustrator with a diverse range of interesting projects under her belt. Inshra's creations include "The Singing Teacher" - a short film she directed and produced, advertising campaigns for Aarong - a Bangladeshi artisan based retailer, numerous music videos for musicians in London and her debut picture book "Tiny Jumps In". She lives in London, U.K. with her husband and their baby boy, Ruben.