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Tiny makes a BIG splash at Author Reading events in Dhaka!

“Is she jumping in paint?”

“That creature looks like a germ!”

“Oh no, she will get eaten!”

These are just some of the creative comments made by kids who attended the highly interactive book reading of “Tiny Jumps In” by the book’s author and illustrator, Inshra S. Russel, in various venues in Dhaka city. 

Tiny Jumps In book reading at Bengal Boi, Dhaka

In the spirit of bilingualism -

(a big part of the Guba ethos), our good friend Rushnaf Wadud, singer and song-writer extraordinaire, read out the Bengali version of the book “টাইনি ঝাঁপ দিল”.

There were giggles and laughter as the fantastic duo narrated Tiny’s big underwater adventure most expressively. 

Mustafa Monowar speaks at Tiny Jumps In book reading

Mr. Mustafa Monwar -

eminent award winning artist and puppeteer, graced us with his presence at the BENGAL BOI event on January 19th. It was a special honor to have him as a guest in the audience. He was called up on stage by Inshra, although he resisted, and he gave the loveliest impromptu talk on the enormous benefits of teaching children through fun and laughter.